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Paver Walkways

Trails End Hardscapes is a local company that specializes in paver design and installation services. For 13 years, we have been among the most reliable hardscaping companies in the state of Colorado. The paver amenities that we install are designed to withstand the state’s harsh climate and remain in perfect beauty for many years. As a locally owned and operated company, we know how to create hardscape features that will be truly worth our clients’ financial investment. With us, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy functional, stunning, and long-lasting paver walkways at a cost that will make you smile.

Do you have questions related to paver walkways? Please feel free to call our hotline (970) 223-5883 or visit our office and our approachable personnel will be glad to assist you.

Custom-Designed Paver Walkways

One thing that separates us from other companies offering similar services is that we’re extremely good at building custom paver walkways. We have a seasoned design team that can suggest or create custom designs that will complement with your home or landscape theme. We can install walkways following the most common designs like curved, winding, and straight, as well as unique walkway designs as per client request. Additionally, our designers use distinctive paver patterns through combinations of colors, sizes, and shapes to achieve a highly personalized look. Ultimately, we can guarantee that no two paver walkways that we create are similar, so property owners are assured that the ones they have are truly one-off.

Guaranteed Long-lasting Paver Walkways

Our company has been praised for the durable and long lasting paver walkways that we’ve installed in private and commercial properties across Colorado. We achieve this by ensuring proper planning and site preparation. Our installation crews are equipped with the right tools and equipment. We also follow systematic procedures to ensure the soundness of the paved structure. For example, we first lay out the edges of the walkways to serve as guide during installation of the paver blocks. Afterwards, we create the bed on which the pavers are to be placed. We use the right base materials and ensure proper compaction of the area. Once the required site preparations are done, our installers will then carefully lay down the paver blocks one by one. As a final touch, the paver surface is properly sealed to lock in its beauty and protect it from damages.

Trails End Hardscapes use quality paver materials in all our walkway installation projects. For many years, we have extensively patronized and recommended Belgard pavers due to their exceptional features and qualities. Belgard manufactures some of the world’s best paver materials. Their products are truly wide-ranging, thus making them suitable for almost every custom paver walkway job. More importantly, their pavers are noted for their beauty and durability so they are preferred by a great majority of DIY homeowners and landscaping contractors like us.

World-class Paver Walkways for Less

With our proven record of building exceptional and world-class paver walkways and our absolutely low rates, you surely have a solid combo that is too good to pass on. When you hire us, we promise to offer you reasonable pricing for our design and build services. More importantly, we can guarantee you a highly custom paver walkway that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

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